The days of success from mass advertising are numbered. Search Engine Marketing, also referred to as Pay-per-click Advertising or PPC Marketing, is fast becoming a top player in the advertising space.

Whether you are advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, or elsewhere, you need to think about the entire user experience across your PPC campaigns. The areas to focus include:

Keywords you are targeting: A frequent mistake is to choose the wrong keywords, terms that are overly competitive (and costly), or terms that simply will not convert.
The Ad Text or creative: Once your ad shows, you have to compete with everything else on the page for a click. The ad text or creative drives your click-thru rate, which in turn drives the price you pay on a per-click basis.
The Landing / Destination Page: The landing page has to meet a couple of requirements to be successful. It must be clearly relevant to the keyword and ad that sent the visit to it, and it must be able to convert at a high rate.

We have a decade of experience in Search Engine Marketing Services, with a special focus on Google AdWords.