Use Associates Cloud POS Software, Make More Profit In Your Business.

Introduction: POS stands for Point Of Sale. POS Software is the center of any system and determines how effectively you can run your business without hassle free. In our case, we’re talking about the hardware and software that runs both the front counter and back office operations of a business. You can use POS system for any business like department store, fashion house, jewelry, Hardware restaurant, and etc.

Objective: Associates Cloud Point of sale software is Powerful tools to manage your business, that’s easy to use. You can trust and rely on Associates Cloud to increase your business profit.

POS Overview: A POS system would consist of a computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer and the appropriate POS software. Use this cash register or drawer software to store product information and speed up the checkout process for your customers. Using POS easily record sales transactions, print receipts for customers, Manage product pricing and discounts.  Again, you have the flexibility to easily customize a POS system for your particular business. It works in both online and offline in case of trouble of internet it will works and synchronize the data when net is available.



After we have reviewed and compared all the popular POS software in the market, we proudly give the  Best of POS software rating to Associates Cloud POS.

Why Associates Cloud POS: Web Based or Mobile POS:Associates Cloud POS works on Mobile, Tab and PC system you can use one or more than one Platform. It works in both online and offline.

Associates Cloud POS Works Offline:  Associates Cloud POS works online but when internet down than you can continue your selling. Associates Cloud POS will automatically re-synchronize your update.

Fast Staff Training: Associates Cloud POS very easy to use because of user friendly. Train your staff in a day and get them up and selling in no time.

Recommended Hardware: Associates Cloud POS works with a wide range of hardware which are available in the market. Get help from our friendly hardware support team.

Online Store: Open an Online Store and quickly get your product online with just one click. No need to be web expert.

Mobile Friendly: You can operate and see details of shop in your mobile phone. Access Associates Cloud POS in your mobile Apps.

Domain and Hosting: Bring your own domain to ensure to match your company. We can provide you domain and hosting for your company or custom sub domain.

Inventory Control: See stock on hand; get notification when stock is low. Associates Cloud POS help you to make better decision about your inventory.

Customer History:  Keep all your customer information in one place. It keeps customer purchase history.

Customization Reporting: Build your own reports and quick see the store. Reports like inventory, sells, end of day. You can even see the reports from mobile phone.

Analytical Report: Its help the organization to forecast the sell and business research. You can create MIS report.

Add-Ons: You can integrate multiple data in one database it’s synchronize automatically.

Multi-Outlet:  You can open new outlet using same database. You can add more than one user just a click. Run your entire business with Associates Cloud POS no matter how complex your business and how many locations you have.

24/7 Global Service and Support: Our Friendly and Enthusiastic team is quick to respond on every channel no matter where are you. Our help center is open and free for all.

Low Cost point of sale POS software base on kushtia, dhaka in Bangladesh.

Business Type: Associates Cloud POS Software is perfect for retail stores, just like yours.

  1. @Apparel / Fashion / boutiques;
  2. @Auto Parts/;
  3. @Books / Music;
  4. @Gas Station;
  5. @Florist;
  6. @Footwear / Shoes;
  7. @Furniture & Decor;
  8. @Home & Lifestyle;
  9. @Health & Beauty;
  10. @Sports & Outdoors;
  11. @Bar /Food & Drink;
  12. @Coffee Shops;
  13. @Computer/MOBILE Shops;
  14. @Bike Shops;
  15. @Gift Shop;
  16. @Grocery / Supermarket; And many more..

Modules with Features

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