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What is content marketing?

The purpose of online research is to find relevant information and high-quality content. That means that text, imagery and video content have to provide information that is relevant and interesting to people searching for information on the Internet. Content marketing is the practice of creating and distributing content that is entertaining, informative and helpful to potential customers. Good content then directs those customers back to your brand website, where you can capture leads and sell products. Successful content marketing creates positive associations to your brand – without the hassle of product marketing.

Why Content Marketing

People on the Web search for relevant information – content marketing provides it

In today’s digital world, people are inundated with advertisements. As a result, businesses struggle to get their corporate message noticed by consumers. In 2011, a study conducted by the Custom Content Council showed that more than 70 percent of users preferred to get their information from articles rather than from corporate advertisements. Now, to reach their target audience, an increasing number of businesses are relying on a promising new strategy: content marketing

Increased Traffic

Regular blogging on your business website attracts new visitors through a variety of channels including organic search traffic (SEO), social media, email and more. With each post you’re investing in your business and your website. Unlike advertising, a blog post remains on your site forever and in most instances the post attracts more traffic over time.

Leads & Sales

The best business blogs focus on the questions customers are asking and answer those questions with blog posts. This blogging strategy attracts customers, provides value, earns their trust and leads them deeper into your website where they convert to become new customers.

Influence, Authority & Awareness

With a business blog, you provide an increasing amount of value in your industry. This adds to your reputation as an expert. Your ongoing blog sets you apart from the competition. Over the long-term, your business blog can become a sought after source of information in your industry.

Image development:

Releasing high-quality publications on a regular basis allows businesses to establish themselves as thought leaders, which strengthens the corporate brand.

Customer development:

Content that offers useful information connects the customer to the company for the long term. By consistently offering good content, companies generate interest in their website and entice users to return.