Shadow Adding / Product Shadow Create

Product Shadow: Drop Shadow - Original Shadow / Natural Shadow - Reflection Shadow / Mirror Effect

Adding Product Drop Shadow

Our special Associates Cloud✔ Team creating drop shadow services can be specified the background color for achieving the better blending results that will be using on typical photos. The effect of drop shadow is being processed by our highly experienced product drop shadow creating professionals.

Adding Product Natural Shadow/ Original Shadow

Associates Cloud✔ provides very confidential Adding Product Natural Shadow on different types of your images to separate images from the background by the touch of smooth perfection with excellent designs. Natural Shadows are needed for the images of ecommerce, magazines/books, corporate logos, catalogs, advertisements and newspapers design & more.

Adding Product Reflection Shadow / Mirror Effect

The concept of Reflection Shadow refers in the similar fashion of original glasses or mirrors. This technique is used in bringing the graphical impact and generates the shadows from the source of lighting angle. We are providing Product Reflection Shadow which is being hugely used for product image editing.

Complexity of Adding Shadows

On the preliminary note, Drop Shadow is a simple task but when it comes to reform it into something more professional looking, the difference is immense. Technically speaking, Drop Shadow is just a creation of an image in black or grey color that is identical to the focused object. The image is later softened and inserted beneath the object. The brushed image looks more professional in its outlook. Similarly keeping the original one or creating new shadows with their different types for numerous purposes are rather complex. For example reflection shadow simply can be added by flipping the object and put it in the lower edge of the object. It will more likely be a mirror effect of the product / object and then application of opacity from top to bottom respectively from high to low. When it comes to make the shadow looks professional yet there are countless factors that should be considered while creating shadow such as size of the object, creation of multiple shadows, most suitable color, contrast between the object and its background, direction of light, etc. Therefore, Associates Cloud✔ team  is doing most artistic and realistic solution to these complexities.

Associates Cloud✔ Offers Outstanding Shadow Creation Service

We hardly believe in considering your job as mere task and not something where we can exhibit our talent and showcase the perfection. Our team keep themselves updated with the latest trends in order to follow lately launched standards of imagery and ensuring 100% job satisfaction to our clients in best prices. Our designers are experienced in offering you most creative opinion that can help an image look highly realistic and rational.


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